Large Group Lesson Speakers:

Teaching time is 7:55PM to 8:15PM, please arrive the sanctuary around 7:45pm to allow some time to settle in. 

Strongly encourage you to observe one lesson or two prior to your first teaching.

Please take a few minutes to get familiar with those before now and your lesson dates. In each unit folder, the multi-page "resource bundle" pdf file contains suggested lesson plans, and there are PPT files for your section/lesson.

  •  Key point of the section and the Bible verse (the first 3 slides of the PPT - please pray/meditate about the biblical truth here and internalize it deep in you, so you don't just read off the PPT.
  • Interactive game or story-telling to emphasize/explain the key point (you may or may not use the suggested lesson plans) - pray for a heart like a child so you can understand/feel it from children's perspective. You will find a lot freedom and joy here once the Holy Spirit opens your eyes. - use questions/answers to engage children.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat - sounds childish, but that's somehow we learn as adults too :-).